Jonathan Lee Marcus


Ballsy is a simple shedding type game for two players, using 5mm neodymium magnet spheres placed on a wooden gameboard. The objective is to be the first player to lose all the magnet spheres in your hand.


  • The board must placed on a stable surface and be leveled to gravity using the included circular level and the board’s leveling feet.
  • Each player receives 16 x 5mm neodymium magnet spheres, to be kept away from the board.
  • Players take turns; a turn consists of:
  • During a their own turn, a player is allowed to use the unplaced magnets in their hand to influence the board. However, if a player caused any magnets already placed on the board to jump up off the board, then they immediately forfeit and lose the entire game. A player wins when, at the completion of a turn, they have no more magnets left in their hand.